• The shell reflects the overall condition of them. Inappropriate diet, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals as well as kidney disorders may result in irreversible shell deformations.
  • It is recommended to oil the shell with Pet Care International Shell-Care (with caryophyllus oil) after each bath.
  • The shell will remain glossy and healthy looking. Caryophyllus oil cares for the tortoises’ shell, removes the impurities and offers a refreshing effect.
  • The shell, which provides protection for the tortoises & Turtle, is the most eye-catching part of their body. Therefore, Tortoises & Turtle enthusiasts pay much attention to make sure it looks nice and healthy.
  • We also recommend Pet Care International's Repti Vit & Repti Cal– for vitamin-mineral-calcium supplement for your Tortoise & Turtle.

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