• Ideal bedding material for small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and chinchillas
  • When the pet discharge dirt, the litter will be fast group, making smell of urine and the urine contained bacteria in the consolidation of small adsorption, completely non – smell, keep the usually clean.
  • For cleaner surfaces and clearer air, we developed a low dust formula. Dust-free to protect delicate small animal respiratory systems
  • The smaller granules also helps keep urine from reaching bottom of litter box keeping the litter box fresh and easy to clean
  • Potty Training made easy! Step 1 – Observe your furry friend’s instinctive behaviour to utilize one area in its home to eliminate. Step 2 – Fill your Hamster Potty with 1cm of Potty Litter. Add a small amount of soiled bedding or droppings. Step 3 – Place the Potty in the corner of the cage that your pet likes to use as its bathroom. Your pet will soon learn to use the Hamster Potty and Potty Litter.

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