• Acts as a Shampoo & Conditioner, Neutralizes Dog Odor, Moisturizes & Soothes itchy Dog Skin & Detangles the Coat all at Once.
  • Gentle Care Dry Bath Spray contains unique combination of Herbals actives with Deodorizing enzyme culture formulation. Pet Spray breakdown odors of urine, skunk and collins at their neutralized level & leaving your pet & Home smelling Fresh. Aloevera is a natural moisturizer & gives protection against microbes.
  • Makes hair soft without using a massage cream or conditioner. Rejuvenate & Takes care for skin problems such as rashes, leptospirosis.
  • How to Use:- Spray Directly on pet or place of odor, massage to get enough foam, wipe out with towel or tissue paper. If odor persists after drying, the spray did not reach the source of odor. Reapply as needed.

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