• Tix Free Powder is a blend of natural actives for management of ticks, fleas & Lice infestation (ectoparasties) occurrence in pets.
  • Tix Free Powder can be used regularly to prevent infestation of ectoparasites and reduces foul body odor in pets, maintain skin hygiene.
  • KILLS AND REPELLS INSPECTS - Formula specifically designed to kill and repel all insects, flea, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and flies our easy to use flea treatment for dogs is a great way to provide flea prevention for dogs
  • Tix Free Powder also having anti microbial and anti fugnal actions, prevent skin infections and improves the overall healthy condition of the skin.
  • How to Use:- The Powder should be dusted liberally over the animal and rubbed down thoroughly to the skin. Dust bedding or sleeping quarters as required, or as directed by the veterinarian. Wash your hands before & after use.

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