The "Ultra Shedding Aid" makes shedding skin much 

easier, thanks to a rich formula of aloe vera and 

other emollients. Rich formula of aloe vera and 

other emollients facilitates shedding and promotes 

the development of healthy skin in reptiles
In order to grow, reptiles must shed old skin - using

 "Ultra Shedding Aid" results in the old skin easily 

sliding off of the reptile Also ideal for animals suffering 

from poor health or diet, stress or lack of humidity

Ultra Shedding Aid Spray Twice Daily Directly On to 

the Reptile and Repeat If Reptile Demonstrates 

Persistence Dryness adn is having Trouble Sheding.

 This Product May Also be Added To Lukewarm Water 

To Allow the Reptiles To Soak. Use 5ml Per Litre of 

Water and Mix Well.


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